Consumer Notice: Newest Hyperbaric Chambers models - Any and all chambers we sell now must have dual valves for 2 compressors. We no longer carry chambers with only 1 air valve. Older models have only one valve.

Hyperbaric Chamber Players

No Straps
(higher pressure users)
OxyHealth Vitaeris 320
The Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber is the chamber that sets the bar for all chambers I compare to. This was the original soft HBOT chamber. If getting a used Vitaeris 320, make sure it is factory certified. See my Review here.
OxyHealth Solace 210
The OxyHealth Solace 210 is 21 inches and gives just enough space to move around. You do not have to oil the zippers on the Solace 210. It is great if you plan on sleeping in it.
See my Oxyhealth Solace 210 Review.
OxyHealth Quamvis 320
The OxyHealth Quamvis 320 is similar to the Vitaeris 320 in size but it has straps. Straps allow for higher pressures ONLY IN PLACES WHERE IT IS LEGAL.
See my Quamvis 320 review.
OxyHealth Fortius 420
This is the hard shell chamber I recommend for people who want a hard shell chamber. Hard shell chambers are much different than soft shell chambers.
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Grand Dive Pro Dive HBOT Chamber
This is the largest of all the hyperbaric chambers I've reviewed. It has dual valves for bringing air into the chamber to keep it cooler and stays the coolest of all the chambers.
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The Dive Chamber - 33 inch
The Dive is now 33 inches and no longer 28 inches for the same price. This also goes to 1.5 ATA (legal places only). This costs more than the e series Dive that only goes to 1.3 ATA.  If you don't need a chamber that goes to 1.5 ATA see the E Series review. 
See my Dive Chamber Review.
Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber
The latest Grand Dive chamber can be 8 feet or 10 feet long. This is rated for 1.5 ATA (legal places only) and the strongest of the soft chambers. This has 5 straps for those staying at higher pressures. This is the strongest chamber I have reviewed. Worth it you "need" higher pressure.
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Grand Dive Vertical Chamber
This is great for those that want to sit in the chamber or who want more space than the smaller vertical chamber. Best chamber for EWOT. This chamber is huge.
See my Grand Dive Vertical Review.
Wheelchair Accessible Vertical
This vertical chamber is made differently to fit a wheel chair and make it easy accessible. This also has dual cooler ports unlike the older version of the Wheelchair Vertical Dive.
See my review on this chamber.
OxyHealth Respiro 270 - 27 inches
The Oxyhealth Respiro 270 has all the characteristics of the Vitaeris 320 but smaller. The Respiro 270 does not have to be oiled. It gives enough space to move around but not sit up.
See my Respiro 270 review.
We offer financing on all hyperbaric chambers we carry. We have the largest selection of Used Oxyhealth, Dive Chambers. Please note that we can only refer you to places that offer higher pressure valves for those needing higher pressure chambers.
1.5 ATA
1.5 ATA
3.0 ATA
4.3 PSI
4.3 PSI
4.3 PSI
New Shallow Dive - 26 Inches - $3995
The Shallow Dive is now 26 inches up from 23 inches on the older model. It now has 2 dual cooler ports and 2 air intake ports. Older model had only 1 of each. It only has one window unlike their other models that have more.
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4.3 PSI
4.3 PSI
Off Gassing and new chamber smells - If using a chamber and someone has a chemical sensitivity to VOCs or the smell you get when you go into a tire store or that new car scent, please let us know.
Oxyhealth Hyperbaric chambers and Summit to Sea all use different materials for their chamber. 

Note: there will be a stronger smell for stronger materials. This smell is stronger or weaker on certain models. Ask about certified used chambers that have already off gassed or new chambers that have been ozoned to pull any residues that are already off gassed when you buy it. For 1.5 ata buckle chambers the Dive chambers have the least. If run continuously for 3 weeks, nearly all chambers fully off gas. Some manufacturers have fully off gassed chambers by request.

I strongly recommmend off gassing your chamber first before using if using a chamber for children with autism. 

See my Original Hyperbaric Chamber Review Site at
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Notice: I only sell and promote hyperbaric chambers that have been FDA cleared.
1.5 AT
1.5 ATA
This is the first year that hyperbaric companies are making chamber longer. The standard size is 7 to 10 feet. If someone wants a 14 foot or even a 20+ foot chamber on any of the popular models we carry, let me know. Many people looking for a bigger chamber and 2 people laying in it have to sit side by side until now. 

Now they can be made up to around 20 feet until extra compressors and coolers are needed. If anyone wants to get a longer chamber for any size chamber (horizontal models only), let me know. 
This is the latest trend and many people are taking advantage of it. It only costs a fraction of the cost of a chamber to make it longer compared to getting a larger diameter.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964