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Heat and Humidity - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
A heated chamber feels like sitting in a hot car that is 85 degrees. This is when the room temperature is around 70 in the room where the hyperbaric chamber is. Having an infrared heating pad underneath that heats the body but not the air is totally different. In the winter I keep my chamber in the room and let the 30 degree air in from my window. The infrared pad heats me up but feels like I am under intense sun but without the UV rays. It's a very cozy feeling inside a cold uninviting chamber for some people.

Before 2017, no chambers had a cooling port. They just had a bucket of ice that the air tube goes in from the air compressor to the chamber. Now, the air gets pumped out and then back in and this electrical pump cools the air 20 degrees. I do have an issue with coolers with certain people because these are the last people I would recommend a cooler too. Some people need this extra heat to raise their core body temperature, especially if they are not using a heating mat under the chamber. So many people tell me how once they used the infrared mat under their chamber it made a huge difference. The company I get these amethyst infrared mats from gives a 7 day trial. I strongly recommend experimenting with one if this is one of the protocols that you need.

Mugginess is something that I have not met anyone that wants this. A warm chamber in the summer can be a protocol for some but a humid chamber especially when the chamber is 85 degrees is not comfortable at all. Having more air turns is what gets rid of this humidity but not necessarily the heat. If really concerned about mugginess, especially in places like Florida where it is already muggy, having 2 compressors in parallel can help. Having 2 compressors in sync won't make any difference with mugginess.

Having a powerful dehumidifier in the room can help also with mugginess. See my cooler page for the cooler I recommend.

​If concerned about heat or humidity, let me know on my hyperbaric chamber quiz.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964