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Used Hyperbaric Chambers
I am tired of people calling me and asking me if I will help the sell their old chamber. In the past I would try to sell someone's chamber since they were selling it so cheap and nearly every time something goes wrong and the buyer calls me up and says a window is leaking or the zipper won't close right. And the seller won't take any responsibility since they have their money. I am not saying they knew about it.

So, now I am only reselling certified chambers. So if someone isn't willing to send their chamber in to get it factory certified then I am not going to help them sell it even if its cheap. Unless it has the stamp of approval I assume the chamber has something wrong with it. IT MUST SHIP TO THE MANUFACTURER AND THEY MUST PUT THEIR SEAL OF APPROVAL ON IT AS CERTIFIED.

As long as a used chamber is certified and the manufacturer will put a new warranty on it, then yes, I will be interested in selling a used chamber. There are so many used chambers on the market it's not even funny. Mostly the really expensive ones when people financed them and used them a 2 to 3 years and no longer need it.

Note: many people have tried to make their 1.3 ATA chamber go to 1.5 ATA pressure and the manufacturer will not certify the used chamber. Urethane will stretch and it's easy to tell when someone tampered with the release valves.
Sometime people will fix a leak when this happens and it fixes for 10 or so sessions but after that it starts leaking again.

Note: many really good chambers don't get certified if the chamber had an after market 2nd air intake valve or someone put after market dual cooler ports. If it tested for no leaks and the zippers are good this is when people have to make their own decision if it's worth buying used. 

Also, some people with chemical sensitivities will request a used chamber due to off gassing emissions.
The really cheap chambers with PVC bladders have terrible voc emmissions. The high end chambers have urethane. Make sure if getting a urethane bladdered chamber that it has low plasticides. The chambers that off gas where its barely detectible where you have to smell coffee beans just to smell it do not use enough plasticides to make it soft. If you see a really soft feeling urethane it probably is loaded with plasticide. Plasticides make rubbers soft to the touch.

​If considering a used hyperbaric chamber, please let me know on my hyperbaric quiz. If there is a particular brand and model of hyperbaric chamber you want let me know and I can check to see if one is available or see if anyone is selling one. If sent to the company and the company buys it back they usually mark it up way above what I would sell it for. If being sold to someone in a dire situation or someone using it for Autism many people will give a lower price on their chambers to someone who they want to help.
This is a used Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320. This is the Vitaeris 32 without the Blue cover. This was used with the Sequal oxygen concentrator. I recommend the Airsep. This is the used Sequal oxygen concentrator in the picture. This is for 6000 (without the cover). We get used chambers all the time as trade ins. Contact me if interested in a used chamber and we can take pictures of the models we have. Note: I only recommend factory certified chambers.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964