​I urge people to to avoid coolers that use Freon. These types of hyperbaric chamber coolers emit chloro flouro carbons and I try to avoid positive ions coming out of air conditioners unless I really have to. I keep fans on in my house and avoid the AC unless its super hot out. The Freon types that many people use keep the chambers the coolest but it also gives the most condensation inside the chamber and is really loud. Plus, these are very hard on the environment and not healthy to use base on what I know.
​The latest cooler does not connect to the compressor like the older one (see picture on left). The latest cooling system pulls the air in a cooler and brings it back to the chamber. There will never be any condensation like the Freon type and mugginess with the new cooler.

No Straps
(higher pressure users)
Staying Cooler in a Hyperaric Chamber
Most people want to stay cool in their hyperbaric chamber. I personally like to stay warm and like to sweat and get my heart rate up. Having an hour session where my core temperature is raised 2 degrees is a totally different experience than just laying there at rest. I am burning oxygen at a much faster rate when my core temperature is raised.

Many people like the cooler as warm air holds in moisture. It can get really muggy in the chamber when there is no cooler or if the room is hot. Being in a warm chamber when it gets uncomfortable is like waiting in a hot car with no air conditioner. I use an external cooler along with the cooler/muffler that attaches to my compressor. I have 2 coolers.

Note: when using an infrared heating pad to keep my core temperature higher and using a cooler at the same time, the heating pad doesn't heat the air since it is putting out infrared heat. It heats my body, not the air. 

Note: warm air can harvest bacteria and it can grow on the hyperbaric chamber wall. If doing a "sauna" type session I make sure I wipe down the walls after each use. If the chamber smells funky please do not get in it.
Note: for those sleeping in their hyperbaric chamber

Even though most people want their hyperbaric chamber cooler than just 3 to 5 degrees that this muffler offers, it is the most helpful for those staying in for longer times because air compressors give warmer air after the first hour as they start to get hot. The hotness stabilizes but the muffler takes out that hotness along with keeping the chamber cooler.

Note: I strongly recommend getting 2 holes punched through any hyperbaric chamber, no matter what brand, and adding an external pump where it pumps air into a cooler and then back into the chamber. This is different than having the air go through ice before entering the chamber.
Note: The closed loop Cooler holds about 12 gallons. I do NOT recommend putting more than 8 gallons in the cooler. The cooler if used with ice and just enough water to saturate it can stay cool for the entire day. It is not necessary to fill it all the way up with water but it must have enough for connectivity for the heat exchanger.

Note: For those that want two coolers, it will deliver 120 liters per minute instead of 60. It gets realllyyyy cool. Also, in the winter you can add hot water instead of ice and it keeps the chamber very warm also. If 2 people are going in the chamber at the same time is when 2 coolers makes a big difference. Also, I do not recommend using an 80 liter cooler at it will heat the ice too quick and consume it much quicker than even two 60 liter coolers. Also having 2 coolers keeps the ice cooler longer.

Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964

Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964