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Master level hyperbaric therapy is the most intense of all hyperbaric therapy.
There are 2 ways to do it depending on the starting voltage of the player. Those that are beat down and tired will want to follow certain protocols while the athlete that is in peak body ecology and wants to get an even higher edge over their competition will aim for a different approach.

There are 2 different burn off levels. A MMA fighter will want to take a totally different approach than a football player who will be playing a long game.

Also, a person that is going to be in a playing a tennis game in the sun will probably not want to raise their core body temperature to get that last bit of oxygen into hard to reach areas. Depending on how the body will be using oxygen after the session, the saturation amount and the body voltage make the biggest difference. An MMA fighter and a football player at the end of the game will most likely have different voltages. I highly recommend putting a voltage sticker on the body. I see so many people wearing energy bracelets and wearing them on the right hand when they are right handed. If these people really knew how scalar energy works they would never do that.

Putting 10 stickers on the body might go against performing at peak capacity during the game. If in MMA and someone is doing an arm bar and the sticker makes someone hyper mobile, someone might tear a ligament. Or if playing tennis and trying to hit the ball as hard as possible, one might hit it so hard that it might make the accuracy off based on how much the stickers change the person's voltage.

Keeping the body alkaline, at a high enough voltage, and oxygenated enough are the 3 things. Just being in a chamber right before the game is not enough for top peak performance and only a third of what is needed. Most athletes just do one thing and don't go all out. Although the chamber is the grandfather of all protocols and the most enhancing, their are a lot of "legal" things that can be done. Even raising the voltage of the water and drinking it and spraying the body with the water can instantly raise the body voltage. Some athletes get water delivered that has been infused directly by the generators that make them and others take a laser that has been infused and have someone laser the water and in between breaks in the game are constantly drinking scalar infused water. See my youtube videos on this too. Type in ZPE Quarter to see some of the videos I've done.

By following just the right protocols can mean getting winded and not performing at peak performance versus playing at maximum body voltage throughout the game. Remember, it is not supposed to be fun keeping my core temperature high 2 degrees for a long time to let the already concentrated oxygen go deeper in my body. Right before I went to generator in my van and I never did the standard warm up the rest of the MMA fighters did. I came out of my chamber with super energy and had at least 2 times the energy of anyone else my age.

My other trick was my 4 oxygen concentrators I had in the van hooked up to a huge 90 gallon garbage bag. I can also do EWOT with the concentrators and as long as I'm actually burning the oxygen and don't over oxidize it's a game changer. I also infuse peppermint oil and that makes the air super cool.
Master Level Hyperbaric Therapy
Anaerobic Conditioning
Goal: To rest 1 second for 3 seconds of exertion. Most people not using the chamber even at their peak fitness in the game have to rest 1 second for every 2 seconds in the game.

Elite sports professionals to win the game usually need to recover from anaerobic bursts in shorter and shorter time. As athletes get older, this slows down. The other goal is to play at much higher levels of intensities throughout the game, especially near the end game.

Note: Athletes that use their hands who rely on fine motor skills in their hand may like the Avacen. (I have loaners). When throwing a football an explosive spin from the wrist may be the difference that machine helps with.

Some athletes have their best strength and cardio but applying it the right time at an explosive rates is when I can tell their blood is lower in oxygen that it should be. After just one session I can tell in my MMA class the difference my chamber gives me. (note: I will not discuss 1.5 ATA chambers). I sell chambers with 1.5 ATA capabilities but the 15 dollar valves must be ordered from Canada or outside the USA.

Off-Season: This is the best time to use the hyperbaric chamber to recover from injures. Also for optimal cardio conditioning inside the chamber give another another edge when competing next season.

Pre-Season: This is the time to make sure that the body is in peak conditioning for the in-season so being in a continuos optimal condition is usually the main goal at this time. Going into in-season at maximum effort should be much easier after conditioning during the time when the body is at 100% oxygenation and after the first hour goes down to 75%. (Some athletes like to train at hour right after their 1 1/2 hour hyperbaric session and get in an hour workout and split the rest of their workout and do another 30 minutes in the chamber to get their body back at 100%. The 2nd hour the body is around 50% to 75% but if someone has the time this is prime conditions.

Warning: if going at it too hard when the body normally can't exert itself that hard unless during that first hour after the session, many athletes are able to exert themselves way beyond normal and can develop too much lactic acid too quickly in their muscles. This can screw up following workouts. Muscles can also get delayed soreness. If using a really high end scalar infused sticker that can even help the body work even harder. This can be good for those who are in the last game and don't care about muscle soreness the following days.

After a game if there is an injury or heavy lactic acid in the muscles it can be critical to go in the chamber as fast at someone can to super speed up recovering time.

Many people do the intense hour after the chamber workout and I don't recommend doing this more than 3 times a week. This only goes for super high intensity training after the chamber, although training more days without the chamber is something separate.

Warning: I strongly urge people to not do the same anaerobic training they did in the off season during in-season. When glycogen levels increase and with heavy muscle breakdown, this can screw up someone's game more than anything. To win games, recovery can be just as important as maintaining peak conditioning. A really good trainer should know this stuff.

By in-season, peak conditioning should have already been there. Now is not the time to increase conditioning but to maintain it.

Those training after their hyperbaric session who are already in peak conditioning should be able to get in a workout at 70 to 80% of their maximum heart rate. Without the chamber most people perform at 65 to 70%. This is the little edge the chamber can help give. 

Right before a game: Many MMA fighters I work with come right out of the hyperbaric chamber ready at full speed, ready to go in a fight at 70 to 85% of their maximum heart rate. I try to match the intensity that I want to fight at right before the match.

Things to get that will help 
1. Oxygen Oximeter - This will tell you when to get out so you don't waste extra time in the chamber
2. Volt meter: This will tell you when you stick the meter on the muscle the voltage. If the voltage is high there is no excuse for anything less that maximum exertion. If low, and if you aren't playing your best, just blame it on the meter.

3. 90 gallon garbage bag and at least 4 concentrators: This is only if doing intense EWOT and burning oxygen. A hook can be hooked up to a 90 gallon garbage bag and 4 oxygen concentrators keeping the bag full. Warning: this can over oxygenate the body if the body is not burning the oxygen and can be dangerous.
This is the easiest way to tell if a 1.3 ATA chamber is oxygenating the blood and how close to 100% it is doing. Ask about our loaner pulse oximeters. This is how I tell if I need to go to higher pressures and when to get out of the chamber.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964