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Autism and Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

I strongly urge parents to use an oximeter with autistic children. Most autistic kids have a very low voltage (this can be tested with a volt meter). It is hard for oxygen to saturate and dissolve in the blood when the voltage is low and the blood is acidic and has any type of heavy metals or toxins. Oxygenated an acidic low voltage body can mean the difference between getting results or wanting to return the chamber because it didn't work.

I strongly recommend knowing the voltage of an autistic child before using the chamber and knowing with the oximeter the change in levels after 1 hour. Some chambers go to 1.3 ata and others are rated for 1.5 ata.

​There are many different protocols that can be used in the hyperbaric chamber that autistic children enjoy. Those with sensory issues might enjoy a Biomat under them or a vibro acoustical mat under them. The one that I recommend before investing in a really expensive on is the Subpac S2. I have loaners to give out to those that get a hyperbaric chamber from me. (see my page on vibro acoustical mats that go under the chamber). This can also be used with a Biomat. In the winter, I always have my Biomat under my chamber. The Subpac S2 is portable so it can be used in the chamber.
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