No Straps
(higher pressure users)
Recommended Oxygen settings
Manufacturers are asking me to leave my recommendations to the doctors and stop giving my advice. It's like I am creating more work for other dealers and manufacturers to answer after people read my site. I have to decide to take down the pages they request or I can no longer carry their product. I don't know why I am the bad guy they say is confusing everyone. most of the recommendations I give are from "their" actual cstomers in the first place. If anyone knows of a better way I can share this information let me know on my contact page. It's like they want to keep my website G rated and it's not cool. It's not like I am telling everyone to stick bubble gum in their release valves to make it go to higher pressure. Seriously!
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964