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(higher pressure users)
Dual vs Single Compressors

Dual VS single Air Compressors: (for one chamber)
Note: as of 2017 the latest chambers have 2 air valves. Before this page the only way to sync to air compressors to one chamber was to put one behind another. Now with the newer type chambers made after 2017, they can be in parallel. If people have older generation chambers with only one air intake valve you can still still send it and get a new intake valve added. It costs about 100 bucks to add it.

Dual compressors in sync vs Dual compressors in Parallel. Many people who had the older chambers had no choice to sync them.

Now that chambers have two intake valves and the latest trend is to have two compressors, having 2 in sync or having one compressor for each intake valve. Going a step forward is having 4 compressors (2 in sync and 2 in paralell) is the ultimate in hyperbarics. (I get compressors at wholesale. I have a special deal worked out when someone wants 4 compressors. The cost will be as if someone was buying 2 at the lowest internet price. They subsidize the price for me since they know I am not advertising these nor their brand online and competing with other dealers. 

Dual compressors to one chamber (having only 2)
note: I strongly recommend these being plugged into 2 separate outlets (2 separate breakers in the house)
So, if one goes out or loses power due to a surge, especially if using it with an oxygen concentrator, the other air compressor plugged into the other side of the room will still work.
So, what to expect....
Dual compressors in parallel will give the safety of redundancy so if one compressor fails or the power goes out on that line because too much stuff is on one outlet (oxygen concentrators, compressor), and if there is thundering and lightening and it knocks the power out I strongly recommend a false circuit alarm so it makes a noise if the power goes out. Many people fall asleep in the chamber and when that happens its too late and they wake up with the chamber collapsed on them. Also, if one side of the power in the house goes out, the other compressor will be there working.

Dual compressors in sync: What to expect with 4 compressors.
(make sure your chamber has 2 intake valves or this can't be done)
(any chamber before 2017 did not have 2 valves. This is a new trend that started in 2017.
When 4 compressors are synced up in serial and in parallel to a chamber expect much greater pressure and way more flow. People usually prefer this when they are using the chamber at higher pressure and want large cool flow of air.

Note: there are two types of compressors and half the people get the wrong one. The ones that I don't like are the friction type and are more typical with the higher psi compressors.

​Note: for some people, mainly those with sensory issues, having a louder hum to the hyperbaric chamber is a positive. White noise helps soothe many people and relaxes people to sleep, especially if there is a lot of noise and commotion in the home.  If there is a lot of noise in the home, sometimes the silencer is not needed. Having a silencer and having 2 compressors in parallel really help with the noise. Most people cannot even tell I am in a chamber when I am talking to them on my cell phone in my chamber.

The higher psi compressors usually are not frictionless. Usually the compressors that power the 1.4 to 1.5 ATA chambers are the noisiest. That is why putting them in parallel is really only used with these types. Those getting a 1.3 ATA chamber really don't have as much noise since the compressor doesn't have to push so much air. 

The most popular 1.3 ATA chamber is the Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 chamber. This is the one found in most clinics in the USA. Unless it's a hard shell hyperbaric chamber, you won't find clinics in the states with 1.4 or 1.5 ATA capable chambers actually at these levels. The chambers like the Grand Dive or Grand Dive Pro (the latest one we have reviewed that has 2 air intake valves and 2 holes built in for an external cooling system) are sold in the states but not with compressors that will power it to 1.5 ATA. The Grand Dive Pro also comes factory shipped with 1.3 ATA release valves. It is illegal to get 1.4 or 1.5 ATA release valves sold in the states. It is legal in just about every country except the states. Lucky Canadians or pretty much anyone buying a hyperbaric chamber in other countries gets to compress oxygen much higher and have shorter sessions and oxygen that is way more concentrated at higher pressure. Sucks for Americans. It really does because so many people's first question is what pressure do I need. 99% of the people buying chambers from me from (my original site) have the 1.3 ATA chambers. 

Note: if getting dual air compressors make sure you know the difference between the piston type and the diaphram type. The piston type an arm that moves back and forth creating the pressure. The other type is a linear motor. This floats between the magnets and has a different type of sound. If only using it at 1.3 ATA and with a smaller chamber it really doesn't matter as much.

Remember, the more moving parts in an air compressor the louder it typically will be. Also, some need to be oiled and some don't. There are pros and cons to both types.

Also, the compressors that are made of cast iron are much quieter in the room than these lightweight aluminum types. A 35 decibel air compressor is the standard. If it's louder than that or lower than 35 then it will help to know what to reference it to.

Final note: running 2 or 4 compressors in sync can be very expensive to run. If electricity cost is a concern, the diaphragm type use less electricity and use less wattage to pump the same amount of air. They also have a lower EMF for those in small rooms where the compressor will be next to the chamber.

This is a picture of a chamber before 2016 that only has 1 air intake valve. I just can't believe no one thought to add two intake valves until now. I will say that when people hear they have to buy 2 or 4 more compressors when they already are having to come up with the money for a chamber makes it even harder to afford it.

If syncing 2 or adding 2 compressors in parallel make sure you get the right size motor. Anything too big will just add more noise.

I get all different size compressors at wholesale and will help to make them affordable to anyone who is interested. Note: not everyone that has 2 intake ports uses both.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964