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Buying Guide for Hyperbaric Oxygen HBOT Chambers
Buying a Hyperbaric chamber cooler - guide to buying
Cooler Types:
internal types (closed loop type): These are the coldest. This is the latest type that sucks air out of the chamber then super cools it and pumps it back in. It is a closed loop cooler. These pump 32 degree air and gets rid of all humidity and heat generated from the body and compressor.

external compressor type: These cool the air before going into the chamber and connected to the compressor. These cool the air between 5 to 10 degrees. Some require ice to cool above 5 degrees. Newer types bring in 32 degree air.

Electricity ports
Many people complain about now having electricity in their chamber. Some people put a portable generator. This is popular in the larger chambers but the smaller chambers there is limited space. Having an electricity port costs about 100 dollars and is way worth it if you need an outlet in your chamber.

Strap type - Buyer's advice
easiest: the Oxyhealth Quamvis and new style Dive Chamber
Straps that are only 8 inches or less are easy to use
Very hard: Old style composite buckle and straps that strapped around the entire chamber would get caught and you had to tug on the straps or they were out of reach

Dual air intake valves.
Chambers can come with a single or dual valve set up. For more air flow setting up 2 compressors in parallel doubles the air flow. The single air intake valves only take in half the air unless someone upgrades to a larger compressor. A 160 motor can bring in the same air as two 80 size motors but the air will be much warmer. In the winter this is nice but in the summer most people prefer a cooler air. Some people use a single 200 size motor that want the extra air flow and these are super loud. A muffler hooked up in between the compressor and chamber is good to have on motors this size. For higher air flow, cooler air and less noise having 2 compressors in parallel is what I do.
Note: the hyperbaric chamber must have DUAL air intake ports to do this. An extra port can be added to any chamber at any time and costs about 100 dollars to add it.

Ports: Make sure the ports are reinforced. If any air intake valve or window or release valve does not have at least 3/4 inch of urethane reinforcing it, then it will probably leak over time. Seems as if some companies make them to fail over time so they can make money servicing them after the short warranty.

Bladder: Buying advice:
white bladders are translucent, thinner white bladders are the most translucent. (make sure it has a nylon mesh and is closely knit. Some knockoffs chambers do not have a tighter mesh and are not FDA cleared. 1.5 ATA chambers have the tightest nylon mesh.

Blue Bladders: these let the least amount of light in. They are thicker than the white ones.
White bladders are typically thinner and translucent. If buying the thin type make sure it has a nylon mesh. The white bladders are much lighter in weight. If a white bladder chamber doesn't have the nylon mesh it won't reach 1.5.

off gassing: If buying a new hyperbaric chamber make sure it has a low plasticide bladder and doesn't off gas toxic emissions. Only 3 brands out of all the brands I have tested have low emissions. One of the brands has ultra low plasticide, just enough to make the bladder mold but does not feel soft. The seams can scratch you more where the windows when you rub against them but is good for those that are chemically sensitive.

When to get a higher end window.
Some chambers are made to go to 1.3 and others over. Make sure the seams are made without air bubbles. If you get a chamber and the window has one single air bubble it will fail at higher pressures.
Make sure you know how many ply the window was sealed also.

zipper hold stitching: make sure the chamber has at least 2 rows of stitching holding the zipper. If one stitching row fails the other one will be there to back it up. Always check the outer stitch row from time to time to make sure its not coming apart. The inner zipper should wear the same as the outer zipper otherwise the inner zipper fails first and then it can mess up both zippers.
Warning: I do not sell PVC chambers anymore. These off gas polyvinyl chloride which is PVC gasses. PVC has been linked to cancer and other major health issues. There are some really cheap chamber being made that come from China that are even more dangerous than PVC which are phthalates that are being added to make the PVC more soft and pliable. I only work with companies that don't use phthalates. Plasticides even though they make the plastic or urethane soft is not something I recommend. I am the most sensitive person to smells and chemicals that I can't even go in these...
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964