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1.3 ATA vs Higher Pressure Chambers
First thing I get asked on calls is, "What chambers do you have that go to higher pressures. Are you serious. In the states the ones with the straps "can" go to 1.4 to 1.5 ATA. But, what people do after they buy the chamber is up to them. 

Oxyhealth Quamvis and Dive Series Chambers
These are the only 2 I've found that will sell in the United States that are tested at 1.5 ATA. The OxyNova chambers go to 1.4 but still, anything over 1.3 ATA is not "legal" in the USA. Many people buy the chambers and get rid of the "factory" release valves. In almost every other country besides the states you can buy these but just not with the chamber itself.

Note: only chambers that have safety straps for higher pressure can go to these higher pressures.  There are some budget chambers that have straps but that is since the windows bubble out and can burst if there are no straps. If you see a chamber rated only at 1.3 ata and it has straps, then it raises a question. These are the cheapest chambers on the market. Just make sure its FDA cleared for sale. Each chamber should have a serial number and cleared. Ask and make sure if getting a used chamber that you call the manufacturer and see if that chamber that was registered had any problems, usually with those going to higher pressure. This is off the record but "some" chambers can go to 1.7 ATA but the manufacturer will never admit it.

Note: if going to 1.4 or 1.5 or (1.7 ATA) make sure you have the right PSI compressor. If too low it won't reach it and if too high it can cause problems and give more heat. I still recommend getting a cooler. Also, the compressors that are the "factory included" will not work and they won't sell higher psi compressors if going to the states. There are many places that sell compressors and some are high end and others break down quickly if used in chambers.

Note: I have people that do compressor syncing and put 2 lower psi compressors hooked up to each other. I can buy these back. I will not facilitate any deal involving valves. They are about 15 bucks each and anyone can buy them on the net.

​If going for higher pressure hyperbaric chamber, I always make sure the release valves are near my feet. Also for higher pressure, metal release valves are my most preferred. I avoid composite valves. Most hyperbaric chambers in clinics don't have straps. If anyone goes to a clinics that has a chamber and thinks they are gonna screw in the higher pressure release valve, it wont work. The compressors that are sold with these do not have 12+ psi and will only go to 1.3 ata.

Note: the higher pressure chambers can take much quicker to bring oxygen into the body and saturate the body. If sleeping in the chamber or going in for longer periods, most people won't know the difference.

Note: nearly every clinical study or real customer testimonial that was done on hyperbaric therapy I have researched are from people who experience 1.5 ATA. Most of the chambers go to 1.3 ATA. I am not saying this is a bad thing. The most expensive chamber, the Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 actually goes to 1.3 ata. Remember the humming bird, it lives a very short life due to over oxidation. For many people getting too much oxygen in the cells at 1.4 or 1.5 (illegal in the states) can cause severe itching. Once this happens, I get out of the chamber. This is the body's signal that the body is not burning oxygen.

Even the Grand Dive Vertical chambers only go to 1.3 ata and that is more expensive that most of the lay down chambers on the market. 1.3 ATA doesn't mean the chamber is useless. 
​1.3 ATA doesn't compress the oxygen as much so it is not as effecient and takes longer. So, staying in a lower pressure chamber for 2 hours might take an hour in a 1.5 chamber.

If going for a 1.5 rated chamber, the 2 chambers I like the best are the Oxyhealth Quamvis chamber and the Grand Dive chamber (or Dive Chamber if a larger size is not needed).


Note: even if someone never plans on going to higher pressures, the chambers that are capable of going to 1.5 or 1.7 ata are usually built much stronger than chambers only rated for 1.3 ata.

​Warning: Hyperbaric chambers over 1.3 ATA
Many people have told me that the higher pressure (1.5ATA or higher) can make it harder to breathe in while in there. It can put a lot of pressure on the lungs and using concentrated oxygen that is not being burned can make it even harder. It is not fun in the chamber when there is too much phlegm in the lungs at higher pressure.

Note: most people I have sold chambers to have said their tissue healing has been helped at lower doses (1.3) but those with lyme, or who have big germs, even Morgellans, don't get affected until they are at 2.2 to 2.4 psi. Remember, these germs can be both aerobic and anaerobic. So, I urge people to use caution if they have the aerobic bad bacteria in their body. I urge people to take an aggressive aerobic bacteria probiotic.

Note: Most people can go about 11 feet until they need to equalize their ears that might have some discomfort. Those that are considering using a 1.5 ATA chamber might want to experiment with this to make a decision on this type of chamber. 

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Chambers that have 1.5 ATA capabilities have 15mm Zippers. This is an example of a 15mm zipper.
All chambers that have 1.5 ATA capabilities sold in the states will only go to 1.3 ATA.
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Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964