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I get most of my real reviews and know whats going on with different hyperbaric chambers from my customers. Every time a window leaks or a zipper fails, I hear the stories on how its going to cost them a fortune to ship it to and from the manufacturer because they won't pay it.

People call me up all the time with questions on their hyperbaric chambers. People want to know if they should get a 1.3 ATA or go for a 1.5 ATA chamber. There is no right pressure for everyone. Some people want to know if they can put straps on a chamber that normally doesn't come with straps. They are trying to go to higher pressure in the USA and I won't take part of these conversations. All I can say is if enough people calling me say the same things about their chamber then I take that into consideration. For those who have questions that are more technical or need a second opinion, feel free to ask me anything hyperbaric related on my Contact Page.
The biggest question is why does a chamber that is just a little bit bigger cost nearly twice as much.
An FDA cleared 26 inch chamber costs 3999 while at 33 inch chamber costs 7500. The width makes it more expensive as their is more stress on the seams and zipper and has to be constructed better. A really small chamber doesn't need straps at all as the smaller the diameter of the chamber the less stress the pressure is on the zipper and seams. The Shallow Dive chamber, for example, is 3999 and is actually our best selling chamber due to its price. It does have straps since it goes to 1.5 ATA although most chambers that size do not have straps but only go to 1.3 ATA.

Note: If people want a 2 person chamber and don't want to pay nearly twice as much certain chambers can be made longer but it takes over 2 weeks to get it done. I have people wanting their standard 8 or 10 foot chamber to be 20 feet. Yes, it can be done. Zippers can also be customized on each size and where they are placed. The manufacturers can add any length someone wants. Zertec is the company that makes them and the biggest chamber I know about is the 150 foot chamber that the European space program used  so water didn't get in and the gasses don't get out. This is the same company that makes the Dive chamber (Military Dive).

The most popular custom size is 14 to 16 feet which allows 2 people to get in so they are not side by side but one person is at one end and the other person is at the other end of the hyperbaric chamber. These are more expensive that the factory sizes so if anyone wants to get a longer chamber, I can help out. Let me know on my contact page.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964