No Straps
(higher pressure users)
Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber
SHALLOW DIVE Hyperbaric Chamber

The Shallow Dive chamber is now 26 inches in diameter up from 23 inches on the previous model. It only has on top window unlike the larger sizes that have 2 or more windows. This is the smallest chamber in the Dive Hyperbaric Chamber line. 

The Shallow dive feels just a little too small for me and this is a one person chamber. They now have 2 compressors unlike the older one which had only one compressor. It has only one auxiliary so for those trying to add a cooler port that requires 2 ports this must be added. This also does not come with an electrical outlet port so adding that is also something many people do.

The new external frame gives the chamber much more room than having an internal frame. Another new feature to the latest Shallow Dive is the Failed circuit alarm. It will tell you if there is a power outage. Many people fall asleep in their chamber and if the power goes out they wake up with a collapsed chamber on top of them.

The Shallow Dive hyperbaric chamber does not go to 1.5 ATA like the Dive chamber. The Shallow Dive goes to 1.3 ATA. This chamber comes with a very thin mat but is not cushioned enough for long use. Theres is a curved foam mat that is made just for this chamber that makes it very comfortable. 

If interested in this chamber see my special below.
Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber - Package Special
Must have prescription for chamber and 02 concentrator

Buy a Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber and get
Free Closed Loop Cooler - blows 32 degree air in chamber
Free Curved Foam Mat
Free 2 Extra Cooler or Air Intake Ports on your chamber
Free Electrical Outlet Port on your chamber
Free ZPE Voltage Sticker
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Ask for Sharon 1-877-326-5964
Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber without the outer frame.
This chamber can still get very hot. I recommend using the cooler with a chamber this small.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964