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Lack of Progress - HBOT Therapy
So many people go through long series of hyperbaric sessions but get little if no results. It's the same thing as when people go into infrared saunas and think they are detoxing and sweating out toxins but in reality they get out of the sauna, shower and go about there day or go to bed. The 300 to 600 calories on average of fatty waste from lipolysis does not sweat out. They are fat soluble toxins. It's from fat. If the person is not doing lymphatic exercise the toxins can just go back into the fat since it was not pumped to the liver.

Release, then remove. Most people are just releasing. With the hyperbaric chamber so many people go in with sludge blood. They are trying to concentrate oxygen to get it to the cells but their blood is so toxic and full of heavy metals that they can't transport it like they are thinking they are while in the hyperbaric chamber.

So many people are getting coolers because they can't stand to sweat a little. In really hot places I like to use the cooler but I find so many people benefit when their core temperature is raised and not using the hyperbaric chamber while they are cold.

I strongly recommend people learning about different protocols before going about their sessions wrong. It is really sad to see people with different issues approaching hyperbaric therapy wrong because they weren't advised. Most people are given the most general advice and they think it's expert advice since it's so new to them.

I hope that those that buy a hyperbaric chamber from me learn the different approaches and protocols to take before starting their sessions.  Let me know how I can help on my Hyperbaric Quiz.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964