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Best time to use a Hyperbaric Chamber
There are BEST TIMES I USE THE hyperbaric oxygen chamber. If doing HBOT I always want to go in on a warm body and if I have cooler I use an infrared mat to make sure my body stays dilated the entire session. This is when doing hour sessions. After an hour I need to get out the chamber. I have a water proof pad under me. I sweat like a pig even though the air is 20 degrees lower that it would be if I didn't have my cooler. If doing HBT (not HBOT therapy, without the oxygen concentrator), I really don't have to keep my core heated in the chamber since I am not burning energy. Burning 300 calories is what I usually do in 30 minutes only after my core is raised. The time doesn't start the minute I get in the chamber.

​The best time is also when I go in on an empty stomach. I don't want to use all my energy digesting foods in the chamber, especially when my body is going through lipolysis in the hyperbaric chamber. I used to go in my sauna and do EWOT but not I do it in the hyperbaric chamber. If you get electricity powered through the chamber, then you can put it inside the hyperbaric chamber. If it gets too hot I have my matrix cushion moved all the way to my feet. This is when I can't handle any more conduction heat.

I find the morning is the best time to use the chamber. If I have to leave in the morning I wake up around 4am, this is only after I got to bed at 10pm so I make sure I get my REM sleep. If I try to do my sessions at night I usually have time but I'd rather go in the hyperbaric chamber and do my time while I am sleeping.

For those that are limited on time and only have time to do it at night, in places where it is "legal" to go to 1.5 ATA will shorten the session times. So it can save a lot of time. Many people are getting illegal valves from other countries and I take no part of that. I only offer the factory legal chambers sold to the USA. Now, if the chambers are being sold out of the country (99% of the countries allow sales of 1.5 ATA chambers), then the manufacturers can ship there.

Note: Oxynova, Oxyhealth, and Summit to Sea all have 1.4 to 1.5 ATA chambers. The Oxyhealth Quamvis 320 goes to 1.4. Only 2 of the 4 Oxynova hyperbaric chambers go to 1.4. Most of the Dive chambers from Summit to Sea go to 1.5 ATA and a few are tested to 1.7 ATA. I do not recommend 1.7 ATA for most people using the chambers daily.

The Dive chambers that can go to 1.5 ATA are sold in the USA but the factory does not give the 1.5 ATA release valves nor do they ship compressors that allow the chamber to pressurize to 1.5 ATA. They do make them but only sell them to Canada and other countries where it is legal.

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