No Straps
(higher pressure users)
Before you get a hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Many people get a chamber and don't really know what to get before going in the chamber. Those living in colder places almost freeze in their chamber and those in hot homes especially in the summer wish their chamber was cool.

It is also good to get an oximeter. These cost under 20 dollars and measure they oxygen in the blood by putting your finger tip in it. Also knowing the body voltage is another starting point. Especially with autistic children, I strongly recommend knowing their body voltage so the kids don't go through too many sessions and not get results. Sludge blood is the worst enemy of hyperbarics. Even with a 1.5 ATA strap type chamber if the blood is toxic and their lymphatic system is stagnant, oxygenating poisoned blood really isn't doing what it should.

An oxygen concentrator is the main thing people get as their accessory to the chamber. I can throw in a free Airsep 10L 20PSI oxygen concentrator with certain models. I can throw in a free cooler that hooks up to the compressor with all other chambers. Ask me about which ones I subsidize the cooler and Airsep oxygen concentrator with. 
Note: there must be a prescription for an oxygen concentrator to get this free offer.

Also, if you are trying to check out your body voltage so you know your starting point, I have free loaners to those who buy a hyperbaric chamber from me. A deposit may be required on the high end volt meters.
The closed loop cooler is really good to have if you want to stay cool... but just remember that a warmer body when the body is 2 to 3 degrees higher than normal body temperature, when all the blood vessels are dilated, can transport oxygen much better when warm

I strongly recommend checking the body voltage and if needed to raise the voltage of the body to at least a higher charge than -25mv. Most sick people 5 to 10 millivolts under this. People who are super low energy are almost always at -35mv or lower.

Going into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and getting the maximum result is usually a waste of time if the body voltage under this level.

The oxygen transport system work much better at a higher voltage.

In the winter an infrared mat is really something I look forward to laying on. I put this under my chamber and it heats me up. It doesn't heat the air at all. It has infrared rays that heat the body. The infrared rays are linear so they don't leak out of the release valves. I still use the cooler and the infrared mat at the same time. I am trying to heat my core up 2 to 3 degrees, not heat up the ambient air in the chamber. The manufacturer gives 7 day trials for anyone that wants to try one. Contact me if you want to try one.

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Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964