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Hyperbaric chamber session times
So many people are confused on how long to stay in their hyperbaric chamber. If the hyperbaric chamber is at 1.3 ATA then it can take about 2 hours while a 1.5 ATA chamber takes about an hour and a half. The more concentrated the oxygen is the quicker it diffuses into the body. At 1.5 ATA it is like being under water at 16 feet. As the pressure with the average 1.3 ATA is equivalent to 10 feet under water, going 6 more feet usually makes people clear their ears 2 or 3 more times. That is really what the difference in pressure feels like.

Session time in hyperbaric chambers are also affected on how hot or cold the chamber is. If the body is cold then the blood carries less oxygen. My oximeter shows a higher oxygen rating quicker when I lay on my infrared mat while I am in the chamber. Also, my oximeter reading shows a higher oxygen concentration in my blood than if I used the chamber without an oxygen concentrator. 

Those in the states are not allowed to go over 1.3 ATA pressure so having the infrared mat allows me to break open blockages that may have been constricted. It's the same theory as when I go in an infrared sauna and heating my core up and then do my lymphatic exercise. I can drain much more lymph when my core temperature is raised and my metabolism is activated. 
I strongly recommend knowing the right session times for the reason using the hyperbaric chamber. With different protocols it can take different times to oxygenate certain parts of the body in hard to reach places vs superficial areas. Most people do sessions at 1.3 ATA. If legal in the place using the chamber, 1.4 and 1.5 ATA pressures can concentrate more oxygen so it can diffuse in more hard to reach tissues.

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Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964