No Straps
(higher pressure users)
Grand Dive VERTICAL Chambers
Summit to Sea VERTICAL Dive hyperbaric chambers

This is bigger than the vertical dive that only fits one chair. Two people can sit in the Grand Dive Vertical chamber.
I had one of these for a week and there were times I wanted to relax and lay down in my horizontal chamber.

 Most people buying the vertical chamber usually but this for a reason they are not able to lay down in a standard chamber.

The people wanting the vertical dive types that are going to be sitting usually don't want chambers that are capable of going to higher pressures. The vertical dives are my top selling chambers for people that need help getting in and out of their chamber.

Note: there are no vertical dive chambers that go over 1.3 ATA. The noise in the vertical dive chamber that I tested was at 36 decibels. My 10L 20psi oxygen concentrator runs at 40 decibels. The 36 rating is without the sound dampener. It is much quieter with the silencer and even quietest if there is 50+ feet of tubing connecting the air compressor(s) to the chamber.

The Grand Dives are made in Minnesota while the rest of the chambers by Summit to Sea are made in France. Nothing is made in China on their hyperbaric chamber, not even the valves and tubing. There are so many chambers sold on the internet that are not FDA cleared and people call me regularly asking if we can fix them. I do know people that fix them but they will not fix chambers made in China.

So many people are looking for a cheap chamber and want a deal. I tell them to go to Alibaba and you can buy one that has no FDA clearance for 2100 dollars for a 33 inch chamber. Alibaba has plenty of them. I was offered a deal if I bought 20 chambers for 1100 dollars each. These are sold for 5,000 dollars with their oxygen concentrator from some brand I never heard of. The biggest complaint on these chambers are leaks, zippers busting, and window seals tearing off. But then again, if you can use the chamber for 2 years and are lucky that it doesn't have a problem while in there, then take your chances but I would never tell my worse enemy to buy one of these. They all fail sooner than later and the burst always happens while someone is in it.

Note the company that makes the Vertical Dives in Minnesota has a current iso9000 certificate.

I offer military discount discount on the Grand Dive Vertical.
Grand Dive VERTICAL Hyperbaric Chamber - Package Special
Must have prescription for chamber and 02 concentrator

Buy a New Grand Dive VERTICAL Hyperbaric Chamber and get
Free Airsep Intensity Oxygen Concentrator - (20psi, 10L)
Free Closed Loop Cooler - blows 32 degree air in chamber
Free 2 Extra Cooler or Air Intake Ports on your chamber
Free Silencer for noise reduction
Free Electrical Outlet Port on your chamber
Free Oximeter
Free ZPE Voltage Sticker
This offer is not good with any other offer
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Ask for Sharon 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964