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Lyme Disease- Hyperbaric Chambers
​My best advise for someone with lyme disease about to use a hyperbaric chamber is to know what their body voltage is. Most people with lyme are no where near -25mv and have a very low body pH. If trying to oxygenate certain cells in the body and the person has "sludge blood" it can make hyperbaric therapy very difficult.

Note: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is only one of the 3 protocols that I have found that most people who had help with their disease tell me. It doesn't matter which "type" of protocols they use but it must be 3 that oxygenate, alkalize, and raise the body voltage. I have found with lyme disease that the hyperbaric chamber must be the last thing to do. If the body voltage is not healthy and the body is really acidic it makes much of the positive results from a chamber bunk. There is an order so that if someone tries to pump the waste out of their lymph first before lipolysis, the fat has to burn and release the waste before it can be pumped through the lymph system to the liver.

Most people are unaware of this as if the waste will just magically leave their body after going in an infrared sauna. So, if people don't know the order of when to have their hyperbaric session they are in for a surprise.

Note: some people with very bad body ecology may not be able to produce enough bile to turn the fat soluble waste and all the bad stuff that is killed from oxidation and the pressure from the chamber and their body can't metabolize it. Not all people need to do a liver flush but some people might. I strongly recommend an aggressive "aerobic" bacteria probiotic for most people when trying to prep for this.

​When someone has lyme disease and especially if they have it a long time it is much higher to raise their voltage and alkalize. It is very hard to do. Most bacteria and bugs based on the people that have bought chambers not from me but have had them for years all say that the bugs they try to get rid of are resistant to 1.3 ATA pressure. They all seem to say that the 1.4 made them feel much better and 1.5 chambers made them feel the best. These are people that contact me from Canada and other countries like the UK and Australia. (It wouldn't be people in the USA because everyone follows the rules right :). I would hope no one would be so smart to buy a 15 dollar valve on the net and get it shipped to Canada. Last guy got life in prison for sending someone a 1.5 ATA release valve. No, its not like that but you get my point. I will not be part of breaking the law and only "promote" 1.3 ATA pressure in the states. I do sell chambers that "are capable" of going to higher pressures such as the ones with straps but they all come from the factory with 1.3 ATA release valves and air compressors that won't allow higher pressure. What people do on there own after they buy the chamber is out of my control. Please if calling me up do not mention the words 1.4 ATA or 1.5 ATA or I will hang up immediately.
​Note: many health practitioners will tell people they need 1.3 ATA and others even say to get in a hard shell chamber for high dosages. I know many clinics try to book as many sessions as they can. Most of them don't have Biomats or Infrared saunas or have them do lymphatic exercise. They just shove them in the chamber and take their money. Results can happen at the low pressures and low doses as long as the body is ready to accept the pressure (voltage of the body, pH, blockages). Most people want to kill the anaerobic bacteria so going at higher pressures might kill some of the anaerobic bacteria. It will feed aerobic bacteria that many people want that take probiotics. I hope people that are about to invest in a hyperbaric chamber at least try to understand the best ways to treat themselves.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964