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(higher pressure users)
Grand Dive Hyperbaric chamber - 1.5 ATA
The Grand Dive is the strongest chamber I have tested. NO, I DID NOT TEST THIS AT 1.7 ATA IN THE STATES. I had the chamber all the way into the red zone all the way at the end. The needle was almost at the end of the red zone. I am talking ear popping pressure. Make sure if you get the Grand Dive that you SLOOWWWWLLLLY let the air out from 1.5 ATA when getting out.

The Grand dive is the 2nd largest hyperbaric I've been in at 40 inches. The Oxynova 920 chamber is a 36 inch hyperbaric is the largest from that company and the Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 is the largest hyperbaric chamber from Oxyhealth that I've been in (they do have a Hard shell model but I am only comparing them to soft shell chambers.

Note: the Oxynova has the thickest bladder, over 3cm thick so it does not have straps. But, it costs around 23 thousand dollars and that doesn't even include shipping or the oxygen concentrator. So for people looking for a chamber this expensive, they are out there. The Grand Dive has a thinner bladder but with the straps it can go to 1.5 ATA. The Oxynova chambers go to 1.3 to 1.4 ATA.

The Grand Dive is much lighter weight than the Oxynova 920. If someone can't afford such a thick chamber and has an extra 1 minute to strap themselves in, then the Grand Dive may be preferred. Note: I am not promoting this as a 1.5 ATA chamber in the USA. The Grand Dive hyperbaric chamber comes from the factory with 1.3 ATA release valves and the standard air compressors that only lets it go to 1.3 Ata. NO, they will not sell their compressors that let the hyperbaric chamber go to higher ATA than 1.3 in the USA nor will they ship their higher end compressors.

​The Grand Dive hyperbaric chamber is so big it can let 2 to 3 people in it comfortably. I would say if 3 people are going in it to get the optional 10 foot long version, not the 8 foot model. The chamber weighs about 55 pounds so it is is much easier than the really heavy chambers. It comes with 2 air intake valves for those who want to sync their compressors inline or in parallel. I strongly recommend using two compressors in parallel and in 2 sync with the Grand Dive if going over 1.3 ATA. I do NOT recommend this if under 1.3 ATA. Just 2 in parallel is fine if under 1.3 ATA. No need to put them in serial. 

Notice in the picture above is when you sync 2 compressors together and there is only one valve. The newest model has 2 valves so you can put them in parallel. Before they only could be synced in serial.

The Grand Dive chamber also has a cooler port so you can hook up an external cooler. The cooler brings the chamber down 20 degrees and is a closed system so it doesn't bring the chamber pressure down. Many people ask this since the air gets taken out of the chamber and then put back in.

Take my hyperbaric chamber quiz to see if this is the right chamber for you.

This is the older Grand Dive. The frame was inside before The belt went around the entire chamber. On the new model on the left there are 2 bulkheads that the 8 inch belt attaches to. The latest goes to 1.5 ATA.
Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber - Package Special
Must have prescription for chamber and 02 concentrator

Buy a New Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber and get
Free Airsep Intensity Oxygen Concentrator - (20psi, 10L)
Free Closed Loop Cooler - blows 32 degree air in chamber
Free 2 Extra Cooler or Air Intake Ports on your chamber
Free Silencer for noise reduction
Free Electrical Outlet Port on your chamber
Free Oximeter
Free ZPE Voltage Sticker
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Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964