No Straps
(higher pressure users)
Wheelchair Accessible Hyperbaric Chambers
The Wheel Chair Vertical Grand Dive is made especially for those who have trouble getting in and our of a chamber alone. This is different than the non wheelchair vertical chambers as this version lets the wheel chair roll in.

The Wheelchair Vertical Grand Dive goes to 1.3 ATA so it will not give those the bends who stay in longer times like the 1.4 and 1.5 ATA models. The latest wheelchair accessible chamber has dual air intake valves unlike the older version that only had 1 intake valve. Since this hyperbaric chamber is so big I strongly recommend putting at least one compressor in serial along with the other 2 compressors in parallel. Before the newest model had dual air intake ports everyone who had the older model used to put 2 compressors in serial.

This hyperbaric chamber does not come with dual cooler ports but can be added so if someone wants cool air blowing in at 32 degrees, I strongly recommend getting this done before the manufacturer ships the chamber so you don't have to re ship it back and get them made.
Wheelchair Accessible Vertical Dive Hyperbaric Chamber - Package Special
Must have prescription for chamber and 02 concentrator

Buy a Wheelchair Vertical Dive Accessible Hyperbaric Chamber and get
Free Airsep Intensity Oxygen Concentrator - (20psi, 10L)
Free Closed Loop Cooler - blows 32 degree air in chamber
Free 2 Extra Cooler or Air Intake Ports on your chamber
Free Silencer for noise reduction
Free Electrical Outlet Port on your chamber
Free Oximeter
Free ZPE Voltage Sticker
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Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964