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After you get a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Some of the things people fail to do after getting their chamber could really help them. People are oblivious to the protocols many people take after a hyperbaric session when all the cells capable of reaching 100% oxygen saturation are at 100%. That first hour after the session when the concentration goes down from 100% to about 75% is the time most people plan after their 2 hour hyperbaric session but most people just go about their day after the session.

Things to do after the session:
1 EWOT with the same oxygen concentrator you used for the chamber. Switch out the mask with an EWOT mask.

Picture of EWOT mask

Many people have pain and low energy and when the body is at 100% oxygen saturation and then using the oxygen concentrator can probably the easiest time to get in a workout for people that normally don't have the energy to.

2 Jump on a mini trampoline
Moving lymphatic waste out and nutrients and oxygen to the cells can work at peak right after a hyperbaric session. Even if the body is 100% oxygenated at peak capacity, there is still space between the cells when their is inflammation in the cells. I pump my lymph on my mini trampoline right after to release the extra fluid so my cells can get the oxygen that it could. The chamber only can help oxygenate parts of the body that it can reach. Sometimes it takes lots of rebounding to get rid of swelling in the body before the chamber can do its job.

3. Sweat
When the body is saturated with oxygen and then I go into my infrared sauna, it's the perfect time for me to go in. I do use my oxygen concentrator if I am going in the sauna and doing exercise in there but going in after my body is already filled up with oxygen that is going to release during the next 4 hours I get the most benefit that first hour.

4. Running
I used to go for my morning run at the park without just coming out of my chamber and I have to say I can run harder and longer right after my session. The park was 5 minutes away so I still had about an hour window that allowed me and edge over my normal jog. That that don't have the energy to run or walk long periods of time can appreciate this.

5. Paying attention
When I have to go to a really boring meeting and I know there is a chance that I am not going to stay focused, the hyperbaric chamber gives me that edge that first hour and second hour. Usually by the end of the first hour sometimes I just loose it but I've noticed the chamber gives me about another hour of focus.

I do take other supplements that help me but even with taking them and using them and timing my sessions just right for what I am going to do that day makes the biggest difference. So many people go in for a 2 hour session to help them with a health concern they are having but many people don't utilize that first hour window after their session.
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Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964