No Straps
(higher pressure users)
1.3 ATA vs Higher Pressure Chambers
The NEW Dive chamber is the most popular hyperbaric chamber by this company. This is their 28 inch chamber that now has the easiest belt system that is 8 inches long instead of going around the whole chamber like the older version. The latest model has dual cooler ports so an external cooler pump can be hooked up. It also has dual air intake valves to parallel the air compressors. Now the air stays cooler and can have double the air flow as the older model.

Note: This company does make a military version of this chamber and it is subsidized by the military discount. It has less windows and is the same size but doesn't go to 1.5 ATA and only 1.3 ATA. That is the main difference but it is way cheaper for those that need a larger size but can't afford the Dive chamber. See my Military Dive page.

The latest Dive Chamber has an external frame that holds the chamber in place when deflated. The older style chambers had a frame inside the chamber that gave less room to move around. Now the chambers are roomier with the external frame.
Notice the straps that hold up the chamber.

The latest Dive Hyperbaric Chamber. The new style belts take the pressure off the zipper and are way easier than the older model where it was much harder to start the session.
This is the old style Dive Chamber. This used to be very hard to get in by myself. The latest Dive now has a dual cooler valve and two air intake valves for parallel compressors.
Dive Hyperbaric Chamber - Package Special
Must have prescription for chamber and 02 concentrator

Buy a Dive Hyperbaric Chamber and get
Free Closed Loop Cooler - blows 32 degree air in chamber
Free 2 Extra Cooler or Air Intake Ports on your chamber
Free Silencer for noise reduction
Free Electrical Outlet Port on your chamber
Free Oximeter
Free ZPE Voltage Sticker
This offer is not good with any other offer
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Ask for Sharon 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964