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(higher pressure users)
Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 Hyperbaric Chamber
Why 1.3 ATA is the safest for those that don't go to 1.4 or 1.5
At higher pressures than 1.3 ATA the void cavities in the body that we can't adjust, the sinuses, and ear tubes can really hurt as it is much harder to equalize the body as pressures reach 1.5 ATA. 
See my 1.3 chamber VS 1.5 chamber page
Note: the 1.5 chamber "can" go to 1.7 and this can give the bends. Even at 1.5 if not "burning" the oxygen the body not only can get a high level of oxygen in the body but other gasses in the blood (nitrogen). The problem is not noticed until when the chamber is depressurized at the end of the session.
Ask any diver at any scuba shop and they can tell that going down to 10 feet is easy but 10 to 16 feet takes a lot of clearing and it can be difficult for many people. The 1.5 ATA chamber is like going to 16 feet and the 1.3 ATA chamber at 10 feet.
Oxyhealth Hyperbaric Chambers
I have been in all the Oxyhealth chambers including their 1.4 ATA Quamvis which I had to go to Washington to try it. I spent most of my time in the Oxyhealth Vitaeris 1.3 ATA chamber the last 10 years. I have been in the smaller and mid size chambers they make but I like to do EWOT and put my Biomat and vibrating sound pad inside the chamber.

Note: It void the warranty to put an electricity port in the chamber so many people use a portable generator. Best Buy sells them and they are on sale a lot.

The bigger Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 chamber stays cooler and I love to stay cool while my body is warm. Breathing in warm compressed air is what I avoid in the chamber at all expense. What happens is when breathing in warm air the blood vessels in the lungs expand and make it harder to pick up oxygen. The reason get out of breath is when the corpusles recoil from the warm air in the chamber and we feel out of breath. Worse is when people have phlegm in their lunges making it harder to transport oxygen.

Notice: I strongly recommend an external closed loop cooler for any hyperbaric chamber. Compressed air is warm and a warm body means getting hot and muggy in the chamber. The cooler I use sucks out the air and cools it and it comes out 32 degees. It feels ice cold literally. When it's hot and humid it makes me want to not continue my sessions. when using a cooler there are coolers that attach directly to the compressor but those only take off about 5 degrees.

The Oxyhealth 1.3 ATA chambers do not have straps except their 1.4 ATA chamber that does have straps (Quamvis 320 model). I first saw this in Atlanta Ga where one of the largest hyperbaric clinics is and I did not recognize that chamber with the straps. I like the Quamvis the best as I prefer a higher pressure but it did make me clear my ears more when getting from 1.3 to 1.4 ATA.

The zippers are the weakest part of the chamber but Oxyhealth has a rubber thing under the zipper that I had to massage. Basically, some people want to spend the time buckling and others have to massage the zipper. Both take about the same time. It is easy to get in and out of the Oxyhealth than any other chamber, even the Oxynova.

Oxyhealth has been around a long time so there are many used models of this brand that people want me to resell than any other brand. There is a surplus. So, if anyone wants a used Oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber I urge people to make sure it is certified used before buying it.

If getting the larger Vitaeris 320 hyperbaric chamber it only comes with one air intake valve but since it comes with 2 very large compressors that are in sync I have found no problems. A lot of newer companies now have dual air valves so that using smaller compressors don't make as much heat and noise. If using a large compressor motor 200 size or higher I strongly recommend adding cooler ports. Cooler ports can be added on any chamber.

For those not wanting to go to 1.5 ATA the Oxyhealth brand is top quality. They use urethane in their chambers and never use PVC. I will not work with any companies using PVC.

Oxyhealth is one of the more expensive chambers on the market and is FDA Cleared. I have seen some look alike chambers that people call me up and say why is the Oxyhealth so expensive when I can get one for 2000 on Alibaba. There is no 2000 dollar chamber that has urethane and FDA clearance at that price. They do work but after a year of people getting them all I hear is windows seals leaking, zippers leaking air. Ducktape only works so far. People that get these are always sel repairing as they can't send it back to China. It could cost more than the chamber over time.

The Oxyhealth is made for commercial use and many people use them in their homes. Any chamber that is FDA cleared should be built for commercial use. The Oxynova is not FDA cleared but they have a super high end chamber. If putting the hyperbaric chamber in a clinic I strongly recommend having it FDA cleared for legal reasons.

I have reviewed each of their chambers including the smallest Oxyhealth Solace 210 to the highest pressurized Fortius model. I still like the Quamvis as I am used to going to higher pressure.

Note: if any chamber is shipped to the USA it will only be equipped with 1.3 ATA release valves and a compressor no more than 6psi that won't pressurize the chamber too high.

With the larger Oxyhealth chambers that come with the larger 200 motor size compressor (anything over an 80 or 120 motor makes a louder noise) in the chamber. I would recommend getting a sound muffler. If you go to my hyperbaric sound page you can see what I am talking about.

The Oxyhealth Vitaeris is the chamber that I use most. Rarely will I see a Quamvis in a clinic but it doesn't hurt to ask. When I travel I always find a clinic in the area. I went to the Optimum Health Institute in California and I was there 3 weeks. I brought my chamber with me but if I am only going somewhere for 2 or 3 days I make sure I find a clinic. (or, if people are willing to let me use their chamber that I sold to them that would be nice too. I offer special favors to those that are willing. Also, if a child has autism and they can't afford a chamber or sessions at a clinic any families the would volunteer to share their chamber I will offer special favors too as well. (Dealer perks :)

See my Oxyhealth chamber reviews on each of their models.
See the Oxyhealth Quamvis 320 page (This model is the one that has the straps and buckles from Oxyhealth)

Used models: I get the most people selling Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320. Usually they are only 1 to 3 years old. If interested in a used chamber, see my Used Hyperbaric Page.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964