No Straps
(higher pressure users)
Oxyhealth Respiro 270
The Oxyhealth Respiro 270 is the middle size for people that want something bigger than the Solace 210 and choose the 2nd to the biggest size of the Vitaeris 320. The Respiro 270 is a strapless/buckle-less chamber that goes to 1.3 ATA. It is the smaller version of the Vitaeris 320 and also has urethane and not PVC. The Urethane is also reinforced with close knit nylon which is what makes it different than the older PVC types that many chambers even still have. The PVC types are dirt cheap and might be good for a year or so or even 4 to 5 years but has little if any resale value after that. You can buy the PVC type on Alibaba for 2100 dollars for the same size. Good luck because they are not FDA cleared and if something happens you are at your own risk.

The Oxyhealth Respiro 270 is great if you don't want to use belts and buckles and want to zip right in and start the session. The belts on other brand chamber that don't go over 1.3 ATA are there just so the windows don't balloon out and leak if too ballooned out. The Oxyhealth chambers are built with so many layers that straps aren't necessary. It does cost more but if not going to 1.5 ATA and someone is going to actually follow the rules and stay at 1.3 ATA in the USA then this is one of the best chambers in its size.

The compressor that comes with the Oxyhealth Respiro 270 chamber is also super high end compared to other compressors. You do not have to oil their compressor either. The compressor they ship with the Oxyhealth Respiro 270 also has dual intake filters and has a filter that filters up to .01 microns.

The Oxyhealth Respiro 270 does not come with dual cooler holes so that air can be sucked out of the chamber and then cooled and back into the chamber. Warranties will be voided if this happens on the after market. They have a cooler that hooks up to the compressor that works with ice for people that don't know about it.
The Oxyhealth Respiro 270 also is rated at 27 inches in diameter. This gives much more room to move around than the Solace 210 model which is their smallest hyperbaric chamber.

If interested in the Oxyhealth Respiro 270 let me know on my hyperbaric chamber quiz.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964