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(higher pressure users)
The Oxyhealth Fortius 420 Hyperbaric Chamber
Oxyhealth Fortius 420
This chamber is the hard shell version made by Oxyhealth. This goes up to much higher pressures than their soft shell chamber. The Oxyhealth Vitaeries is their flagship soft shell chamber. The Oxyhealth Fortius 420 is affordable to many doctors that can't afford the 250 thousand dollar and up chambers. It is not as big where it can hold 10 people but it is made to withstand the higher pressures and I never hear of these breaking down.

The Oxyhealth hard shell chamber is easy to move around unlike most hard shell models. It is the portable version of the stand alone non portable hard shell hyperbaric chambers. With the Oxyhealth Fortius 420 chamber people can self treat themselves and don't have to rely on someone to do it for them.

The Fortius 420 chamber also has controls inside the chamber as well as on the outside. The Oxyhealth Fortius 420 can also work at lower pressures. It doesn't have to be all or none like the soft shell hyperbaric chambers. If someone has a cold and only can handle 1.3 ATA, then it can stay at that. If someone is trying to raise their body voltage and they only need so much then that is another way they can use the chamber based on what their starting voltage is.

If interested in this chamber I urge people to go try one out first to see if they like it. It is like buying a motorized skateboard, some people want to go fast while others want more distance.

I have resources mainly in the state of Washington that if someone wants to buy the Fortius 420 or wants to try it, this is where the clinic owners are that I am friends with. The distributors I work with will help in any way they can.

If interested in a hard shell hyperbaric chamber or the Oxyhealth Fortius 420, let me know on my hyperbaric quiz.
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964
Ask for Sharon - 1-877-326-5964